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What Our Clients Don’t Want You To Know


Our clients are part of a fiery, ambitious club of trendsetters. They work hard to provide valuable products, maximize their ad spend and boost customer LTV. To them, we are part of the secret sauce, and they don’t want to let you in.

If your merchandise aligns with our rubric, we will utilize our portfolio of patented packaging solutions to create custom packaging specific to your needs.

Ideal clients ship a minimum of 30,000 packages per month. They ship one-time orders, monthly and quarterly subscriptions and are looking to save big on eCommerce packaging. 

Is Free Shipping Killing Your Profitability?

You Are Not Alone!

Solve the conundrum of expensive shipping on small goods. Level-up your packaging and get in on what our clients are doing.

USPS Approved Flat ✔️

$2.80 Lightweight Parcel -> $1.00 Automation Flat = $1.80 Saved

How leading eCommerce stores are succeeding with conformer packaging solutions

Personal Grooming

custompackaging for small items

Monthly subscription for razor refills.

Merchandise: 2’’ x 3 ⅝’’ < 1 ounce

Bluetooth Tech Device

custom ecommerce product packaging

Compact Bluetooth transmitter shipped to new service subscribers.

Merchandise: 2 ¼’’ x 2 ¼’’ x ½’’ < 1 ounce

Oral Care

small custom packaging boxes

Quarterly subscription for toothbrush heads and floss packaged in paperboard tubes.

Merchandise: Three tubes, ⅝’’ thick < 1 ounce

Air Freshener

custom subscription box packaging

Monthly subscription for automobile air freshener.

Merchandise: 2’’ x 3 ½’’ x ⅜’’ < 1 ounce

Household Cleaner

custom packaging boxes with logo

Quarterly subscription for household cleaning tablets shipped in paper packets.

Merchandise: 1’’ x 3’’ x ⅜’’ < 1 - 6 ounce

Tech Device

custom ecommerce boxes for shipping

Monthly subscription for radiation monitoring device shipped to hospitals and doctors offices.

Merchandise: 1 ½” x 2 ½”, 1 to 16 small devices shipped <1 to 6 ounces

Conformer has cracked the code to lightweight eCommerce packaging

A Blank Canvas

Don’t keep your creativity boxed in. Our best clients change their artwork frequently, promoting new products and offering seasonal promo-codes.

The Wow Factor

Create eCommerce packaging your customers can’t wait to open. This is your tactile moment. Own it!

A Smart Shipping Solution

USPS approved Automation Flats. Free shipping? No problem.

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