Is E-Marketing Environmentally Friendly? Think Again.

I often hear the “paper is bad for the environment” perspective here in Silicon Valley, home of our West Coast office.   However, the more relevant question might be, “Compared to what?”

Unless I missed the memo, sales and marketing efforts still exist for a reason. Clearly these initiatives have migrated to other forms along with print – email blasts, social media, mobile, etc. And that’s how I arrived at the premise that paper is quite good for the environment compared with electronic data centers that power e-marketing.

Here are some startling environmental statistics:

So whatever reasons you might have to “go paperless,” environmental concerns should not be one of them.  The printed materials you send in a sales kit, include in a press kit folder or send in a mailer may be more valuable and memorable than all of the energy your customers will consume online to find the same information on your website.

-Sari McConnell at