Conformer’s Smooth Move of the Day #1

As you can tell from regularly reading my blog postings, I admire companies and professionals who “walk the talk,” no matter what the industry.  So I’ve decided to use this space to recognize the smooth moves I see in my workday that impress me.  (Side Note: A smooth move, if done right, doesn’t need to cost much money to make a big impact.)

So I’m recognizing Emily Keyser at Bayside Printed Products, whom I met at a print industry luncheon last week.  She sent me a personalized printed greeting card after the luncheon as a follow up.  Being in the print and mail industry myself, I have often thought that I should take the extra step and put a printed card in an envelope (vs. email) to make a memorable connection with someone.  But Emily actually took the extra step and promoted the value of print and the USPS while she was at it.  Very smooth move, Emily!

Sari McConnell at

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