Opportunistic vs. “Woe Is Me”

I have abandoned the newspaper headlines of late for any signs of business inspiration.  However, I did read a recession type story in Inc. magazine “The ultimate business tune up” that offered ideas from all kinds of founders of companies as to how to improve upon your business during the recession.  One contributor from a company called SRC Holdings talked about how transformative it can be to view these times as opportunistic vs. having a “woe is me” attitude.

When forced to do more with less, your business by default must reexamine all business practices and expenditures to make them as cost efficient and effective as possible…or suffer the consequences.  This recession has inspired many of our customers to switch to Conformer products now.  We are very aware that our products are in a “low involvement” category, meaning that people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what they use for a folder or a mailer or why.  But when a recession comes along, everything is subject to, or should be subject, to reexamination.  And that’s when Conformer products win the day over traditional products that have been around for decades.  We saw one customer recently move to a better, more environmentally friendly and less expensive Conformer presentation folder and save over $8000 annually… just by spending a few minutes to think through the options.

In this economy, maybe you have more important things to think about than the humble presentation folder that is put into the hands of every one of your customers… or maybe it’s a great opportunity in your hands.



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