FedEx Chooses Conformer

For two years running, FedEx has been selling its custom photo calendars with a Conformer Mailer that features a giftwrap-like printed design and a space for a label. The Conformer paperboard mailer saves $.0.34 in postage because it passes as an automated flat. And the Conformer mailer increased the gift appeal of the Kinkos calendar business by making it convenient to mail out to friends and family.

Since Q4 is the big season for calendars, this product is a timely case study in the importance of thinking through the right mailing solution up front. Here is a quick checklist to make sure your holiday mailing is up for the task:

1 – Postage. New USPS shape-based postage rates means you should avoid the parcel rate, a $0.34 rate premium. Think thin and flexible.

2 – Protection. Damage in the mail is almost always in the corners. Bubble and Tyvek do a poor job of protecting corners. Test mail several samples to be sure it arrives as intended.

3 – Branding. Don’t overlook the branding potential of envelopes and mailers. Think through the design process all the way to the mailbox. Make a first impression that reflects your company image.

by Bob Makofsky

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