USPS – Small Parcel Dominance with Cubic Pricing

While USPS mail volume continues to slide, the USPS reported 2011 year end growth of 6.5% in parcels, likely attributed to steady growth in e-Commerce.  The 2010 Census Bureau data shows that e-Commerce grew by 16.5% from 2009 to 2010.

Responding to market trends, USPS has launched several products targeting small parcels including major improvements in package tracking, new Priority Mail packaging and Package Return Service.  The USPS has also launching new products like Commercial Plus Cubic Prices which encouraging customers to reduce cubic volume by cutting out void fill.  The USPS wants small dense packaging and they are offering postage saving to drive changes in the market.

Conformer clients have been saving money by eliminating void fill for years utilizing our full line of stock mailers.  Void fill is costly, slows down fulfillment processes, and at the end of the day it not only fills voids, it fills the town dump.  Unlike small boxes, Conformer mailers require no void fill, so they are a perfectly positioned to take advantage of cubic pricing.  Our new Heavy Duty Book Mailers and Corrugated Book Mailers are the perfect solution to take advantage of cubic rates.  They are specifically designed to ship small, heavy weight objects with no void fill.

You can find more information on USPS cube rates here.  I will be writing more about new Priority Mail packaging, Package Return Service and Commercial Plus Cubic Prices in the coming days and weeks.  Check back for more info in the coming days and weeks.

-Bob Makofsky at