Conformer Sitcom: Brilliant Strategic Move Says WSJ

Did you see the Wall Street Journal‘s cover story on Dunder Mifflin branded copy paper? If you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, it’s the paper company parodied on ‘The Office‘, now in its eighth season on television. The real life office products company, Staples, has just cut a licensing deal with NBC and rebranded its copy paper under the ‘Dunder Mifflin’ name in an effort to sell more paper.

This was front page news, folks.  Makes me think we should have launched ‘The Conformer’ sitcom first — Imagine ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ crossed with ‘The Office’ and you’ve got a good feel for the wacky laugh-outloudness of our family business.

Then we’d engineer the “reverse product placement” and launch the Conformer brand off the back of the hit TV series.  Despite Conformer’s great conventional product placement this year on Fringe, the Wall Street Journal tells me that “it can be far cheaper than building brands from scratch.”

Now you tell me. (Laugh track.)

-Sari McConnell at