Stephen Colbert Offers Brilliant Solution to the USPS Crisis

For those of you who do not follow The Colbert Report on Twitter, its host Stephen Colbert put in his two cents on solving the USPS financial crisis:

@Stephenathome: Revenue problem, USPS? Have you considered mail trucks that are also ice cream trucks? You’re welcome.

You can also now buy USPS postage stamps featuring Stephen Colbert (see image below) on his website.  I can’t decide which aspect of his offering makes me laugh more… the fact that these $.44 stamps cost almost a buck a piece or the $6.99 you have to pay in postage to get them delivered.

Stephen Colbert commemorates the passing of the U.S. Postal Service with this actual U.S. postage featuring Stephen sending an email to the Post Office. (A "stamp" is a picture you affix to a "letter" before you drop that letter into a "mailbox." Ask your parents, who are probably younger than Stephen.)
The USPS financial crisis sure isn’t funny, but after Stephen Colbert was finished with the subject last night on The Colbert Report (see highlights), even I had to laugh.
-Sari McConnell at