Postcard: On a Personal Note

I’ve undertaken a major cleanup of my garage, with a special focus on the boxes of untouched keepsakes that move with me over time.

Photos, yes.  But I didn’t anticipate the letters.  What a find!  I found a series of postcards from my  grandmother’s world travels sent to me as a little girl.  I don’t remember ever reading these.  To see her handwriting and to hear her voice in these notes now that she’s passed away is such a gift.  My storage methods haven’t done these keepsakes any favors but fortunately I’m addressing that just in time.

My husband took a routine business trip to Asia this week, and I told him to send our kids a postcard.  Ephemeral emails and texting erase all future possibility of discovering these important connections again somewhere down the road.

So put a postcard in the mail.  Who knows when it might turn up again?

-Sari McConnell at

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