Conformer Hall of Fame #3: A Packaging Party (on the Inside)


The Magic is on the Inside

I get a depressing amount of ‘Hall of Shame’ candidates  in the mail every week, that it comes as something of a shock to get a package that blows my hair back.  Stella & Dot, a direct marketing jewelry retailer, earns its place in the Conformer Hall of Fame thanks to its inventiveness, branding impact, eco-friendliness, and functionality.

Its corrugate box exterior on my doorstep was unremarkable…but the packaging magic is inside.  Once opened, the package’s interior featured gorgeous festive printing which matched the printed jewelry box holding my newly purchased earrings.  Plus a special note of thanks from the Stella & Dot founder.  It was seriously fun.

From an environmental standpoint, the box itself was just the right size.  The contents were secured in place by compostable air-filled cushions, so no shift occurred in transit.  No excess material was used, and just about every aspect of this package was recyclable too.

Stella & Dot did an excellent job of literally wrapping their brand name and look around my order.  Their branding approach actually added to the fun factor of this package.

So bravo, Stella & Dot!  You’ve created a memorable, highly functional, and environmental package.  And what’s more, you will definitely be getting my repeat business.

-Sari McConnell at

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