August Issue of Canvas Wrapped in Conformer Mailer

In the upcoming issue of Canvas magazine, one of our favorite print industry pubs, packaging is front and center.  To emphasize the point, the issue will be mailed in, you guessed it, a Conformer mailer.

Now, we’re not necessarily suggesting that our mailers are the next big thing in magazine mail distribution, but it will give Canvas readers the chance to hold a Conformer mailer in hand and see why Conformer is making such a big dent in the print/packaging world.  Plus, the mailer, run by Admore, uses Xtreme Coated Cover, uncrackable paperboard stock that undeniably adds to its quality look.

I’ve plugged Canvas magazine before, but if ever there were a time to request a free subscription, it’s NOW!  Visit Canvas magazine’s website and get your very own copy of a Conformer paperboard mailer, and a great magazine to boot.

-Sari McConnell at

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